Lion Cubs

Posted on 9th June 2016 by Nick Fox

Fauna Lion cubs Sibuya Game Reserve

With all the excitement of the relocation and release of Binky and Courage back home at Sibuya, the rest of the Reserve has received little media attention, but has continued regardless in supplying surprises. Read More »

Darwin's bark spider

Posted on 17th May 2016 by Nick Fox

Did You Know Fun Facts

Darwin's bark spider is an orb-weaver spider that produces one of the largest known orb webs, ranging from 900 to 28,000 square centimetres, with anchor lines spanning up to 25 metres. Read More »

African Pygmy-kingfisher

Posted on 28th February 2016 by Nick Fox

Bird Watching Birding Kingfishers

The tiny size and the purple cheek of an African Pygmy-kingfisher are the easiest forms of identification. This gorgeously vibrant little bird is actually insectivorous as seen here eating a locust. It is the smallest of the Kingfishers in our region. Read More »


Posted on 30th January 2016 by Carol Fox

African Safari Fun Facts

The very sharp horns render the Bushbuck very dangerous when wounded. The Bushbuck is a close relative of the Kudu and the Nyala. The rams are very elegant in appearance, sporting dark greyish-brown fur, with white spots on the flanks and prominent white socks. Read More »

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