Blue Duiker

Posted on 31st May 2015 by Nick Fox

African Safari Fun Facts Sibuya Game Reserve

The Blue Duiker is widely distributed from the Eastern Cape to parts of West Africa. However, as a consequence of its habitat preference the distribution range is as disjunct as is the indigenous evergreen forests they frequent. The species is classified as rare in the South African Red Data Book. Read More »

Caracal Facts

Posted on 28th February 2015 by Nick Fox

Caracal Sibuya Game Reserve

This animal must be regarded as one of the most beautiful Cats in the world. The Caracal moves with grace and a sense of confident power. It is an expert climber and regularly takes refuge in trees. Read More »

Cape Fox Facts

Posted on 27th February 2015 by Carol Fox

Cape Fox Sibuya Game Reserve

The only true fox and the smallest canid found in South Africa. The Cape Fox is silver-grey in colour with large pointed ears. They have a dark colouring around the mouth. Remarkably agile, especially since the bushy tail serves as a counterbalance when dodging and weaving. Read More »

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