Cape Honeysuckle Flora Plumbago

During February, March and April, SIBUYA has been alive with a stunning variety of butterflies flitting about doing “butterfly business”. Banks of sky-blue PLUMBAGO (Plumbago auriculata) and bright vermillion CAPE HONEYSUCKLE (Tecoma capensis) providing nectar for the butterflies and delighting the eye. In many choice spots these prolific plants seems to form a rather beautiful corridor down which we pass. It's sometimes difficult to believe that these profusely flowering shrubs occur naturally in the Eastern Cape.

Lovely Nuxia flowers visited by a Spotted Sailer and Green-Banded Swallowtails

The FOREST-ELDER TREES (Nuxia floribunda), on the forest margins and within individual clumps, have just finished flowering. While they were at their best the small white fragrant flowers, in showy large much-branched heads, attracted a prolific amount of nectar-loving birds, insects and butterflies...which in turn attracted other birds which preyed on them...and so the cycle continues...