Interesting Sightings

Big 5 Fauna Lion

The following pictures will speak for themselves! Nick was incorrect thinking there were only two new lion cubs... since the mum became more secure about them, they were brought into the open to meet the rest of the family. To the delight of all SIBUYA guests, there are three! These babies are no longer shy and in fact are very brave and daring, coming close to inspect the game drive vehicles and providing amazing photographic opportunities with their antics.

Ella was hugely fortunate to see her very first ANTBEAR (AARDVARK) (Orycteropus afar) and during the day! This was a really special treat as they are generally extremely shy and almost exclusively nocturnal.

Much to our delight, the immature BATELEURS (Tetathopius ecaudatus) are still being sighted on a regular basis on their hunt for food and at rest.