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African Safari Big 5 Stop Rhino Poaching

We bade farewell to Tanya Prinsloo, Ross Christie and Kerrow Miller this year and wished them well in their new ventures.

We are delighted to welcome Mike and Karen Pearson back to the SIBUYA family and look forward to many years of working together. Thank you for choosing to come back to us...

Ella West, who was a student with us last year, opted to stay on as a permanent team member and we take this opportunity to thank her for boundless hours of dedication!

Werner Taljard (Guide) and Nikki Goodall (Cheetah Project and General Assistant) joined us in November and were immediately absorbed into the web as we launched into an extremely busy season.

Kari & Mike Pearson (familiar faces return) | Nikki & Werner (new faces)

Our lives have been made a lot easier as a result of having some international hospitality students to assist us and expand their experience... Joeri Jansen and Sebastian Sap from Holland and Toni Tesauro from USA... we thank you for your energy and input.

As Joeri leaves us,we bid him a fond farewell and welcome a new student from Denmark, Migle Daugnorinti. We hope she enjoys being part of the SIBUYA FAMILY and that she benefits from the experience.

Joeri, Toni and Migle

Joeri and Sebastian

Memorable stays at SIBUYA are made that much more so due to our extremely passionate, committed and hard-working team... many thanks to them all... we couldn't do it without their combined effort!

Please Note! Yes You Can Help!

Sibuya Rhino Foundation is now up and running!

Your donation will be greatly appreciated in helping us to protect our precious rhino.

For more information please visit our Rhino Foundation and anti-poaching page