An exciting evening at Sibuya

African Safari Sibuya Game Reserve Vuvuzela

Half past 7; 18 guests & 3 rangers are sitting around the fire in the boma area in Forest Camp, enjoying a braai evening. All of a sudden, a loud noise is coming out of the bush; the sound of a vuvuzela. Everybody is surprised, wondering what exactly is happening…

Out of nowhere, a big group of children is walking into the boma area, dancing to the rhythm of the African drums. About 25 people, that had never done a live act before, are about to perform a traditional dancing show at Sibuya. After the braai was quickly removed, the dance floor was created and the show could begin!

Before the group left, they first wanted the guests to dance with them. Almost every guest took this opportunity with both hands! Even all the camp staff members were dancing, singing and clapping with!

It was an amazing evening which will definitely be repeated!

African Safari