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The  European Rollers (Coracias garrulus) have been in evidence in various parts of Sibuya, flashing down from conspicuous perches to feast on various insects, frogs & lizards. Their rather sluggish habits obliging guests with ideal photographic opportunities. These beautiful Palaearctic migrants  will soon be winging it back to Europe, the Middle East or Asia where they'll breed & rest before hopefully heading back on their incredible journey to South Africa... arriving again in Mid-December.

European Roller

Guests at River Camp were fascinated by a unique experience... a breeding pair of Green Wood-Hoopoes (Phoeniculus purpureus) who made their nest in a hole in a dead tree stump adjacent to the Lapa deck. Guests could literally have a "bird's eye view" of the daily proceedings. These loud-cackling gregarious birds provided an endless show as they busily fed their young or warded off guests who got too close or nosy! The group (usually 3-9),  generally includes only one breeding pair who are loudly assisted by the other members... sometimes even the young of previous broods... a real family affair! The loud cackling, starting off slowly, then rising to a crescendo with several birds in unison bobbing back & forth was a spectacular experience. This loud display earning them the name of "Intlekibafazi" (Laughter of Women) in both Zulu & Xhosa.

Green Wood-Hoopoe