African Safari Birding Crowned Eagle

Many of the summer migrants are back... the first White Storks have made their appearance after a long journey from Europe or Central Asia. In certain areas the White Stork is abundant, but we've noted here at Sibuya, that their numbers are declining on a yearly basis, probably due to compromised environment... collisions with power-lines, pesticides used for farming and human pressure due to hunting all take their toll.

The plaintive call of the Black Cuckoo, who returns to Southern Africa to breed, is now a daily occurance. From October to January, this secretive bird, parasitises the Southern Boubou by laying one matching egg in the host's nest. Within two weeks, the egg hatches and in no time the Cuckoo nestling evicts the competition... either eggs or young and is brought up entirely by its hard-working surrogate parents.

A wonderful sighting recently was had by guests who came across a Bushbuck carcass on which a Crowned Eagle was feeding. An uncommon photographic opportunity for all.

Crowned Eagle feeding on a Bushbuck carcass