Winter Flowers

African Safari Flora

Virtually the whole year round SIBUYA has flowers adding interest and colour to the landscape... even in the middle of winter! At the moment the forest margins and woodlands are festooned with pungently scented yellow flowers belonging to succulent creepers and shrubs, Senecio brachypodus and Senecio tamoides - CANARY CREEPER. The congested clusters of bright yellow flowers create a visual feast as they attract a host of white to deep yellow butterflies (Pieridae), which add their subtle colour range to the spectacle. These plants are sought after in traditional medicine as they may be used in the treatment of Anthrax in cattle and flatulence!

The creeper TRAVELLER'S JOY (Clematis brachiata) is in evidence everywhere. With the light behind it, as it sprawls over shrubs along the wayside, it looks like its wreathing the plants in candy floss. Gorgeous vermilion ALOE FERROX flowers are in evidence in various areas of SIBUYA ... where the elephants can't get to demolish them! The nectar of these bright robust flowers provides a feast for many species of birds, butterflies, monkeys and even elephants... all enjoy this sweetest of treats and even perhaps, the narcotic effects...

A glorious tapestry of colour