Chilly Winter

Posted on 30th August 2012 by Carol Fox

African Safari Luxury Accommodation Sibuya Game Reserve

Winter this year seems to have been colder in bursts than usual! Heavy snowfalls on the mountains in the hinterland have caused us to shiver on occasion as icy winds from the north have sent us scurrying to grab our jackets. On colder nights, guests in RIVER CAMP have enjoyed the luxurious warmth of the new fireplaces in their cosy tents. Read More »

Winter Flowers

Posted on 30th August 2012 by Justin Fox

African Safari Flora

Virtually the whole year round SIBUYA has flowers adding interest and colour to the landscape... even in the middle of winter! At the moment the forest margins and woodlands are festooned with pungently scented yellow flowers belonging to succulent creepers and shrubs, Senecio brachypodus and Senecio tamoides - CANARY CREEPER. Read More »

Eastern Cape Birding

Posted on 7th August 2012 by Justin Fox

African Safari Bird Watching Birding

Guests at River Camp were fascinated by a unique experience... a breeding pair of Green Wood-Hoopoes (Phoeniculus purpureus) who made their nest in a hole in a dead tree stump adjacent to the Lapa deck. Guests could literally have a "bird's eye view" of the daily proceedings. Read More »

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