African Safari Big 5 Sibuya Game Reserve

Autumn seems to have crept up on us earlier than usual this year! Instead of hot humid nights, the evenings are thankfully definitely a little cooler but daytime temperatures remain the upper 20s, 30s and even in the scorching 40s in the bush on the odd days.

All of the summer migrants have departed on their marathon journeys. The STEPPE BUZZARDS (Buteo vulpinus) were conspicuously absent very early this year. One wonders if they knew something about the weather that we're not aware of at this stage.

The long tracts of water from the October floods are beginning to shrink, but much to the joy of many guests, the ELEPHANT (Loxodonta africana), RHINO (Ceratotherium simum) and BUFFALO (Syncerus caffer) are still finding more than enough water to provide wonderful recreational swims and mud-baths... fantastic photo opportunities for guests abound as one can see from the following pic of one of the buffalo fast asleep in her mud-bath. One can sit enthralled indefinitely!

What a lovely asleep in the mud!!

We're grateful for the lovely soaking rain we had...but very unfortunately for guests, it came over the Easter week-end! Because we've done some very necessary burning of the veld to knock back the bush and to improve grazing for the wide variety of game...a good soaking rain has now ensured strong regrowth of the grasses before the growing season ends with the cooler weather of Autumn.