Brett the Cape Fur Seal

African Safari Sibuya Game Reserve

One of the most unique experiences while travelling up the beautiful and scenic Kariega River to SIBUYA GAME RESERVE from Kenton on Sea  is to be lucky enough to encounter Brett the Cape fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus).

Brett was rescued as a pup when he was washed up on one of the local beaches. He was then hand-reared and released back into his natural environment. Instead of going back to the seal colony (one of the most easterly in SA) situated about 40 km west of Kenton on Sea, Brett decided to stay in the area  and we therefore have the privilege of seeing him frolicking in and around the Bushman’s and Kariega Rivers.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Grobler, guests of ours who visited us in May were lucky enough to see Brett hunting and catching Rays found in the river... the sighting lasted over 45 enthraling minutes!

Brett surfaces with his freshly caught ray...

Brett thrashing his prey...

Photos kind courtesy of: Carl Grobler