African Safari Sibuya Game Reserve

The Weeping Bride's Bush (Pavetta Lanceolata) was spectacular again this summer. During the height of its flowering season, we counted over 90 of these sweet-smelling flowering shrubs on our travels around the Reserve. Making a magnificent show were also the Boerboonbooms (Schotia Afra & Latifolia) which obviously responded to the wonderful timeous rains we had last year. They were abuzz with bees, butterflies and many other insects.

Pavetta Lanceolata

Truly spectacular at the moment and especially where the two are intertwined, are literally banks of sky-blue Plumbago (Plumbago Auriculata) and mauve Morning Glory (Ipomoea Family). The strong vermillion of Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma Capensis) is adding colour everywhere too... a veritable visual feast in the bright sunlight!


On much closer inspection of the bush as one travels around the Reserve, less obvious but an interesting twining perennial herb is Wild Hops (Dalechampia Capensis). The rather unusual pale yellow flowers are clustered within conspicuous petal-like floral bracts. Beware if you are tempted to try and touch these... the lobed calyx has extremely fine stinging hairs!

Dalechampia Capensis