Loving the Lemons

Big 5 Elephant Sibuya Game Reserve

A short while ago my guests & I were out on our afternoon game drive & got a little more than we had bargained for!

When we found a suitable spot for the customary "sun downers", we stopped to admire the splendid African sunset & the view. This particular time, one or two of the guests were keen to quench their thirst on gin and tonic ... needless to say, the pleasure being incomplete without a slice of lemon! Trying to be obliging, I had included one! At dusk we packed up & headed  towards the boat so as to have a leisurely cruise back to Forest Camp for "clean-up" & dinner in the boma under the stars.

While negotiating one of the steepest hills at SIBUYA, I unexpectedly spotted three elephants ahead of me & in no time, another two popped out of the bush behind me.

Sibuya Elephant

There we were sandwiched between them & with part of a lemon in the cooler box and the scent from cutting it, all over my hands. The one young bull elephant was particularly interested & approached the vehicle to smell the front where I had cut the lemon. Much to my consternation he proceeded right up next to me and while I literally held my breath, he extended his trunk, had a good sniff at my hands & then melted away into the darkness.

Fortunately, it was a really great experience but needless to say, we will think twice before having lemon with the gin & tonic!
Elephants notoriously love oranges & lemons ... finding them quite irresistible ... so we actually had a lucky reprieve.