Green Wood-Hoopoe

Posted on 19th December 2016 by Carol Fox

Bird Watching Birding Green Wood Hoopoe

This bird, native to Africa, is the largest of the Hoopoes, up to 44cm in length. It's loud cackling-chattering call is likened to the sounds uttered by groups of raucously animated women - hence it's traditional name of 'Hleka bafazi' - 'laughter of women'. Read More »

African Pygmy-kingfisher

Posted on 28th February 2016 by Nick Fox

Bird Watching Birding Kingfishers

The tiny size and the purple cheek of an African Pygmy-kingfisher are the easiest forms of identification. This gorgeously vibrant little bird is actually insectivorous as seen here eating a locust. It is the smallest of the Kingfishers in our region. Read More »

Pied Kingfisher

Posted on 31st October 2015 by Nick Fox

Bird Watching Birding Sibuya Game Reserve

One of the most common kingfishers in the world, occurring in the middle east, southern Asia to China, Egypt and Africa south of the Sahel. In southern Africa, it is common in many areas, including South Africa, northern Botswana and Zimbabwe. It can live at any water body, as long as there are small fish, such as streams, rivers, lakes, temporary pans, estuaries, temporarily flooded areas and rocky coasts. Read More »

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